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Admin-Scout 3.2
compare DB-objects

Informix compareAdmin Scout 3.2 offers a long-awaited feature: easy comparison of the databases' structures in different instances.

The new module compares the typical database objects such as tables, views, external tables, sequences functions and access rights, including the respective associated indexes, constraints and triggers.

This premium feature increases productivity while matching and adapting database structures and objects.

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Admin-Scout 3.1 - Highlights for Developers and Admins

Version 3.1 continues the journey to new functions for developers and administrators.
Security UpdateDevelopment
  • Editing in multiple windows, parallel working with multi-tabs in the SQL-Editor.
  • SQL history accessible at any time.
  • Evaluation of dependencies and constraints for table objects.
  • Informix error numbers, direct access to IDs and descriptions.
  • Database Explorer, auto generation of archecker scripts for table restore.
  • Locked tables, which sessions keep locks and which are waiting.
  • SSH shell to the server, now simply open via "shell in a box".
  • Day- and Month-Reports, individual customization according to your personal requirements.
  • Performance checks, extended output with disk I/O per chunk.
  • Schema changes, logging with the new DDL-History2 Report.

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Admin-Scout 3.0 - Functional right from the start!

Admin-Scout 3.0 offers a completely revised design and up to 60% faster evaluations.
Security UpdateRevised user interface

The entire user interface of the Admin-Scout is designed more uniformly and with better performance. The access to configuration and server administration is clearly structured. Optimized table structures and scaling of the display, lead to a considerably faster page layout.

New SQL Toolbox

The version 3.0 impresses above all with the new SQL Toolbox with many powerful functions in the Database Explorer and SQL Editor. As a result the Admin-Scout offers more interesting functionalities for development and tuning of Informix databases.

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Admin-Scout 2.3 - New Scheduler Module

schweissen 600x400cWe asked the question, which areas of an Informix database system have to be administered manually and where is it possible to set up an automated administration? The goal is to achieve increasing automation and independent optimization of the system through an interaction of sensors and tasks.

Informix provides an SQL API and corresponding commands as a basis for setting up tasks. If you are an Informix administrator and are rarely concerned with setting up and managing tasks and sensors, you will find that this can quickly become a complex challenge. Therefore, in the new version of our Admin-Scout, we have intensively addressed the topic of a task scheduler and developed a new Admin-Scout module for the administration of tasks and sensors.

The new Admin-Scout 2.3 Scheduler module offers a centralized administration of all tasks and sensors

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Admin-Scout 2.3 - Overview new features in version 2.3

Informix secure SSL connectionAlready in the last versions many improvements were introduced for the security of the Admin Scout. It was very important for us that during a login no more passwords are transferred between Admin-Scout and the browser.

Version 2.3 continues our efforts to provide increased security against data spying between Informix Server and client or our Admin-Scout.

Overview of the new features:
  • https port is now active - generating of a self-signed certificate.
  • Setting up an encrypted SSL connection on the database port.
  • Easier selection of instances - access to instances of different groups.
  • Autologon-Feature – automatic connection to a standard instance.
  • New Scheduler module - all Scheduler modules are now available in one place.
  • New module Cluster Configuration.
  • New module DBSpace Layout History.
  • Backup/Restore now with SQL Editor Files.
  • Additional reporting on the InformixHQ Monitoring Database.

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Admin-Scout 2.2 - Ready for Informix 14.10

release 22 00 1080x360Important features for cluster configuration and better analysis of instances in a group
  • Informix Control Center (ICC) - Dashboard, new tabs and additional tooltips.
  • Better overview of Informix instances of a group.
  • Detailed overview of Informix cluster configurations.
  • Visualization without Adobe Flash (separate article).
  • New SQL editor with syntax highlight (separate article).
  • InformixHQ - Memory Requirements.

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Admin-Scout 2.2 - Now 100% Adobe Flash free!

  • The CURSOR Service Distribution will release the new Admin-Scout Version 2.2 in March 2019.
  • The Admin-Scout 2.2 is the first release that is delivered without any Adobe Flash modules.
Gießen, 22 February 2019

For years, Adobe Flash was the first choice to visualize animations and sophisticated graphics in a browser. Due to recurring security issues, the use of Adobe Flash Player has long been discouraged. The IBM Informix OpenAdmin Tool also uses the Adobe Flash Player in some areas for the graphical representation of complex contexts.

Security warnings and the end of support for the Adobe Flash Player, already announced for 2020, prompted us early on to switch the graphical interface of the Admin-Scouts to the Dojo Toolkit and HTML5. We have step by step converted all relevant modules. This involved the redesign of all charts and the elaborate redesign of important modules such as the SQL-Trace or the Storage-Module.

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