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ENUSZP17 0470 560x267IBM Db2 on Cloud
enables larger database workloads on Bluemix Dedicated private cloud infrastructure service, bringing public cloud service to private cloud clients

(IBM Europe Software Announcement ZP17-0470, dated September 5, 2017)


IBM Db2 on Cloud (previously known as dashDBTM for Transactions) now offers larger database workloads on IBM Bluemix(R) Dedicated private cloud infrastructure service. Previously available for Db2 on Cloud on the Bluemix public cloud, this new IBM Cloud Service enables sensitive industries using IBM's private cloud service to leverage a simplified database solution that is fully managed and designed for massive amounts of data. IBM Db2 on Cloud is designed to provide private cloud clients with:

• An easy, problem-free way to run Db2. No setup is required and IBM handles maintenance and updates, such as backups and security.
• Optimized storage capacity of up to 48 cores, 1 TB of RAM, and 11 TB of storage space
• An easy-to-use web console for importing and running SQL and administrating the system.
• High availability plans that can minimize downtime. These plans offer a 99.99% uptime Service Level Agreement and rolling updates for security patches.

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