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The IBM Announcements Letters are binding messages of the IBM for positioning, licensing and the product's distribution.

IBM Announcement ENUSZP21-0328IBM Db2 11.5.6 delivers enhancements to help automate data management and support artificial intelligence data workloads
(IBM Europe Software Announcement ZP21-0328, dated June 29, 2021)

IBM Db2 11.5.6 is an enterprise-ready data management system with integrated data and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that is built on the security-rich and scalable Red Hat OpenShift foundation.

The Db2 family of hybrid data management solutions is built on an intelligent common SQL engine that is designed for scalability and flexibility and to run workloads in many deployment forms, including on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud. Db2 11.5.6 is available in three editions.

The three editions are:

  • Db2 Community Edition (without charge)
  • Db2 Standard Edition
  • Db2 Advanced Edition

All three editions provide unrestricted access to the full feature set of Db2. Db2 11.5.6 delivers a modernized database management system focused on modern deployments (Click-to-Containerize and Db2 on Cloud Pak for Data operator) and the support of modern workloads (Db2 Graph with stand-alone UI and machine learning optimizer technology preview).

Db2 11.5.6 provides the next generation of resilience and enterprise-level core capabilities (recoverability enhancements, Db2 for SAP enhancements, compression enhancements, and availability enhancements). The new Data Management Console has several usability enhancements.

Db2 11.5.6 addresses a wide variety of business requirements through the following features:

  • A built-in graph solution.
  • Lightweight and simple migration tools to accelerate an organization's journey towards the cloud.
  • Installation and upgrade of Db2 containerized deployments using Red Hat operators designed for faster deployment and easier database management.
  • Db2 Data Management Console enhancements.

For a complete overview please use the link to the PDF download


IBM Db2 11.5.6 delivers enhancements to help automate data management and support artificial intelligence data workloads

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