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The IBM Announcements Letters are binding messages of the IBM for positioning, licensing and the product's distribution.

IBM DB2 Connect 10.5 for Linux , UNIX and Windows
improves connectivity, application deployment, high availability, and security features
(IBM Announcement ENUSZP-13-0261 - 23.04.2013)

IBM DB2 Connect 10.5 helps improve connectivity, ease of application deployment, high availability, and security. It is designed to manage your enterprise information -- no matter where it is stored. For those enterprises that have made DB2 for z/OS and DB2 for i servers the cornerstone of their agile business, DB2 Connect delivers application enablement and a robust, highly scalable communications infrastructure for connecting web, Windows , UNIX™ , and Linux applications to data.

IBM DB2 Connect 10.5 Application Server Advanced Edition and DB2 Connect 10.5 Unlimited Advanced Edition for System z enhance your IT staff's ability to depend on the security and reliability of existing DB2 server investments, use the flexibility and ease of new programming languages and tools, and support efforts to increase the performance and security of database applications. Using the IBM pureQuery™ technology that is included in the advanced editions of DB2 Connect , you can boost the SQL performance of your data server while helping to protect your data from SQL injection attacks and other types of database application security risks. In addition, IBM Data Studio can capture and display key performance metrics and correlation metadata. (...)

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