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Informix Service request

Task-8 / Service Request

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Your task - our solution, you benefit directly from the know-how of our Informix support staff.
Book the service ticket for one man-day here.
Task-8 – ticket price 1.320,- Euro
  • Task-8 offers you direct access to our individual services.

  • Get our Informix specialists for your tasks!

  • We will be active for you - online, offline, remote, by telephone or on-site. (*)

  • Task-8 is our service offer for services with a scope of about one man-day. (**)

Our services for Informix databases

• Installation

• Konfiguration

• Migration

• Trade-Up


• Runtime Analysis

• Slow Statements

• Performance Tuning

Data Management

• Import/Export

• Backup/Recovery

• Interfaces

• Compression

• Encryption

• Archiving


• Data Warehouse

• Enterprise Replication

• High Availability

• Virtualization

• Cloud migration

• Access control


• Online Training

• Workshops

• Courses

(*)  additional conditions apply to on-site assignments 
(**)  one man-day = 8 working hours

Service requests to your Informix database systems?
Ask for our Task-8 Support for Informix!

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