• Admin-Scout (12.09.2019)
    the best tool for Informix administrators
  • Monitoring relaxed (12.09.2019)
    Informix Monitoring
    relaxed - thanks to the CURSOR Informix Team
  • Upgrade (23.10.2019)
    • Innovator-C   2 Cores |   8 GB
    • Developer      4 Cores | 16 GB
    • Workgroup   24 Cores | 32 GB
    Informix 14.10.xC2
    Upgrade for small editions
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Service and Support for Informix Administrators

Active support by CURSOR for your Informix database systems

  • Through system-oriented tool development and more than twenty years of support experience (second level), our employees have very deep technological knowledge of Informix.
  • The result of this work is many years of direct contact with Informix developers, support staff and product managers - worldwide.
  • The development of the Admin-Scout, our software tool for administration, monitoring and tuning of Informix, is the basement of the high performance standard we offer our customers.

From a visit by an IT manager with high-performance, business-critical OLTP systems and 24x7 support by CURSOR:

„On the way to CURSOR we asked ourselves why this meeting is necessary today - we have no Informix problems at all."
„Thank you - that's exactly our job“
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Service for Informix 

  • Project planning and project support for Informix systems. Consulting, Audit, Documentation.
  • Migration, data management, interface planning.
  • Optimization - runtime analysis, slow statements bottlenecks, performance tuning.
  • Security - access control, encryption, archiving.
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Administration and Monitoring of Informix Database Systems

  • Standard administration by CURSOR.
  • 24x7 support by CURSOR with short response times for systems with high availability.
  • General monitoring, alerting, recommendation of measures.
  • Support in administration - Remote Admin or Standby Admin in case of need.
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Tools for Administrators

  • Admin-Scout for Informix.
  • Bug research for Informix.
  • Informix lifecycle.
  • Informix Releaseinfo by newsletter.

IBM Informix Documentation

Here you can find the documentation for Informix versions 14.10, 12.10, 11.70 and 11.50.

You have online access to the IBM Knowledge Center, can view the documentation as PDF or download it as a packed documentation CD directly here.

Please select the Informix version you are interested in:

Version 14.10Informix 14.10 Documentation

Version 12Informix 12.10 Documentation

Version 11.70Informix 11.70 Documentation

Version 11.50Informix 11.50 Documentation

The IBM RedBooks for Informix are a good supplement to the documentation. The Informix RedBooks are usually written by Informix developers and address specific topics. Here is a selection of the interesting IBM RedBooks for Informix. The IBM RedBooks are free for download.

IBM RedBooksIBM RedBooks for Informix

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Informix products lifecycle (EOS)

Here you find the actual subversion to each main version. You see when the EOS (End-of-Support) of the respective main version is pronounced. Anytime a new Informix-Version is provided on IBM Fix-Central this table will be actualized immediately. If you want to be informed by us when a new version is provided by the IBM please subscribe to our Release Info. This newsletter is exclusively used to inform about the publication of new releases. Here you can see the previously posted newsletters.

Also versions that are no longer available on IBM Fix-Central can be found in our download-area. If you should need even older versions, just ask us. We still have many old and very old versions in our archive.
Overview Informix Server

Current version PublishedEOS

Overview Informix Client-SDK

Current versionPublishedEOS

View extended lifecycle tables for Informix here!

Call up our extended lifecycle tables, here you will find almost all versions across the product family!

1.) Select the product you are looking for from the list.

2.) A tooltip gives you a preview of the available lifecycle information.

3.) Click on the product name, the detailed information will be displayed.

  • General Availability (GA), the date from which a version/release of the product is available to all users, regardless of language or medium.
  • End of Marketing (EOM), the date when a part number is no longer active and cannot be ordered anymore via the standard price lists.
  • End of Support (EOS), the date on which IBM discontinues standard support services for a particular version or release of a Product.

For many products you can follow the references directly to the IBM Announcements!

extendet lifecyle information

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Service News for Informix

Missed update or bug fix?
It must not be!

Information about updates for IBM Informix Software within 24h automatically per e-mail.

release-newsletter-37357255-135x180Anytime the IBM releases new versions or FixPacks for Informix Software we will contemporarily send a newsletter to you which will inform you about the changes.

If you subscribe here, you will receive a Newsletter anytime a version or FixPack appears on IBM Fix Central.


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Informix Release Notes

Here you find actual Release Notes to Informix Products that we prepared for you.

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Informix Machine Notes

Here you find actual Machine Notes to Informix Products that we prepared for you.

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Informix bug research

Here you can research in the database of reported problems and solutions.

For few articles is a registration required. These articles are labeled with a lock symbol.

Registration for new users: Here

To register please use the top right link.

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Informix fixlists for bugs

Fixlists of almost all Informix versions from release 9.40 and higher.

By selecting a specific version, you can view the lists of fixed problems for each release. The fixed lists contain the APAR number of the solved problems and a short description of the problem.

If the IBM bug database contains further information about a problem, we have linked the APAR numbers and you can view the detailed bug description directly.

extended fixlist by version

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Informix Feature Requests

Requests For Enhancements

  • Here ist the place to post you suggestions to improve and develop Informix.
  • Vote to support the realisation of particular features.
  • Let yourself be informed via e-mail about the the progress of recent requests.

Both critisism and suggestions of users and customers are valuable feebacks to improve solutions.The IBM has implemented a websitesite within the DeveloperWorks to encourage this dialogue with users, administrators and developers.

Requests for Enhancements (RFE) stands for the reception of improvement suggestions. The RFE is available for most of the IBM's software products. Here you can adress your requests directly, respectively observe the already existing requests.

The positioning of a request is easy. Within a form the product's information and suggestions will be recorded. After a check and the release by an IBM worker, visitors of the site can have a direct influence on the importance of a request. This is done through a vote function with which you can vote for a particular request. The number of votes influences the order of execution. (For this feature a simple IBM User registration is necessary.)

The RFE website is an important facility for the Informix Community to have a direct influence on the improvement and development of Informix. Use this opportunity!

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