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Informix - Problem description

Problem IT31174 Status: Closed

The onstat -l command does not show whether a log has been included or is
in the process of being included in an archive.

INFORMIX SERVER / 5725A3900 / C10 - IDS 12.10
Problem description:
The onstat -l command shows the following flag details ...

Position 0: U: log file in use ¦ or ... A: newly added log ¦
or ¦ F: Log file free
Position 2: B: log file has been backed up
Position 4: C: log file current
Position 6: L: last checkpoint in logical log

address          number   flags    uniqid   begin        size
used    %used
700000020501f88  1        U---C-L  25       1:6513  2000
1996    99.80
70000002031ef68  2        U-B----  18       1:8513  2000
2000   100.00

It would be useful if we could also show if a logical log is
included on a archive or in the process of being included in an
Problem Summary:
* USERS AFFECTED:                                              *
* Users of Informix Server prior to 12.10.xC14 and 14.10.xC4.  *
* PROBLEM DESCRIPTION:                                         *
* See Error Description                                        *
* RECOMMENDATION:                                              *
* Update to Informix Server 12.10.xC14 or 14.10.xC4 (when      *
* available).                                                  *
Local Fix:
not known / see Local fix
Date  - problem reported    :
Date  - problem closed      :
Date  - last modified       :
Problem solved at the following versions (IBM BugInfos)
Problem solved according to the fixlist(s) of the following version(s)
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