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Admin-Scout 3.2
Create individual users / Test roles with the SQL-Editor

Informix compareCustomized use of the Admin-Scout thanks to the new role concept

Whereas Admin-Scout previously only knew the default users "cursoradmin" and "openadmin", the new version 3.2 allows the creation of individual users. In combination with a dedicated assignment of rights on menu level, different roles can now be built up specifically.

Checking role and rights concepts with the SQL-Editor

Administrators have to deal with roles and access rights of database users. To make it possible to check the rights of a user, the new version allows to test accesses of the SQL-Editor under a different user name

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Admin-Scout 3.2

Informix compareWith the ONCONFIG Explorer, Admin-Scout 3.2 offers a completely new module for managing ONCONFIG variables.

The goal of our development was to clearly summarize the ONCONFIG variables in one place and to present all information related to selected variables.

The ONCONFIG Explorer displays all ONCONFIG variables alphabetically sorted in a tree structure. A search field can be used to narrow down the number of hits.

For all documented variables a help button supports the quick display of the reference entry from the manual.

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Admin-Scout 3.2
New Storage Module

Informix compareThe entire storage administration clearly arranged in one module!

Admin-Scout 3.2 offers a complete overhaul and restructuring of storage management. The new module combines storage administration and reporting in one menu item. Administrators are now able to see all storage objects immediately through a hierarchically sorted object tree. A simple click provides all relevant details, sensibly organized via individual tabs.

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Admin-Scout 3.2
compare DB-objects

Informix compareAdmin Scout 3.2 offers a long-awaited feature: easy comparison of the databases' structures in different instances.

The new module compares the typical database objects such as tables, views, external tables, sequences functions and access rights, including the respective associated indexes, constraints and triggers.

This premium feature increases productivity while matching and adapting database structures and objects.

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Admin-Scout 3.2
Development and Release Steps

All changes up to Release 3.2
of October 2021

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The Informix Newsletter is finally back!Informix Newsletter is a spark plug

After almost three years of vacancy the Informix newsletter editorial staff publishes a new issue!

By the end of 2017, the editorial team, consisting mainly of IBM Informix employees, had published 125 issues of the popular Informix newsletter. With the integration of HCL into the further development of Informix, personnel changes followed. In the end, it was the EU guidelines of the GDPR that prevented further distribution among IBM.

With the logistic support of the German Informix User Group (IUG) the proven team is now back, offering the latest news, technical tips and tricks around Informix.

Issue Q3-2021 now available!

Main topics in the current newsletter are for example:

  • TechTipp: Configuration of a binary backup on a RSS Secondary Server.
  • TechTipp: SMI - Sysmaster Interface, introduction of new entries and a view for the usage of TempSpaces
  • TechTipp: New features in the IBM INFORMIX Health Check.
  • Read the whole article and view the Informix Newsletter online here!

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IBM price adjustments for software effective January 1, 2022


As in previous years, IBM announces a price adjustment for its software portfolio at the beginning of the new year. This will also affect the Informix and Db2 products, new licenses and renewals. The price adjustment is for sales within the Federal Republic of Germany, usually an increase of about 3%.

The complete announcement can be found here:

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IIUG World 2021 – Virtual Event

IIUG International Informix Users GroupIIUG World 2021 will take place October 5-7 starting each day at 10:00 am Eastern US Time!

The keynote speakers just confirmed:

  • Arvind Krishna – Chairman and CEO of IBM. Arvind has been with IBM for over 30 years.
  • Madhu Kochar – IBM Vice President, Product management, Data and AI.
  • Seth Dobrin – VP and Chief Data Officer for IBM Analytics.

Registration for this event will be $199. Register by September 1st to take advantage of the early bird price of $150.

Register today, save money and get one Informix 14.10 Administrator certification test free!

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New Informix 14.10 Certification!

Informix 14.10 Zertifizierung

IBM introduces a new certification procedure for Informix administrators. This will fundamentally change procedures and terminology. The previous certifications will no longer be offered.

IBM employee and Informix veteran Carton Doe gives an introduction to the new format and tips on preparing for the test on the Washington Area Informix Users Group website.

The first opportunities to take the new certification will be at the IIUG Virtual Technical Event in early October. For conference attendees, the opportunity for certification is included in the conference fees. Preparatory sessions will be offered by Scott Picket and Carlton Doe.

The exam is proctored and includes 60 questions from 15 topic areas. According to Carlton, the questions are geared toward a solid administrator base knowledge as required in the day-to-day use of Informix. No esoteric questions come up, he says.

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