• Db2 Base Edition Withdrawal
    Db2 Base Edition
    Withdrawal (EOM) - 7. July 2021 - read the Announcement here!
  • Db2 11.5 (11.10.19)
    IBM Db2 V11.5
    Four editions - two license models
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IBM Db2 database systems for purchasers

IBM Db2 Price- and Licence Calculator

You wonder what Db2 Edition is the right one for your application?

Our Licence Calculator provides a decision aid.

Specifying the target platform and the features you want, you will receive an assessment of the editions. Please note that the output prices are base prices and are for your orientation. Individual prices and offers we provide you on request.

View IBM Db2 License Calculator
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Product lines



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Placing ordersPlacing orders

Placing orders

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