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DB2 Direct Advanced Edition V11.1

DB2 Direct Advanced Edition includes all the database functionality from the DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition for digital delivery. DB2 Direct Advanced Edition can be deployed on Linux, UNIX, or Windows servers of any size, from one processor to hundreds of processors, and on both physical and virtual servers.

Program charges: DB2 11.1 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition is available on per Virtual Processor Core (VPC) charge metric as a monthly license charge.

Part of the IBM License Agreement for licensing VPC:

Virtual Processor Core is a unit of measure by which the Program can be licensed. A Physical Server is a physical computer that is comprised of processing units, memory, and input/output capabilities and that executes requested procedures, commands, or applications for one or more users or client devices. Where racks, blade enclosures, or other similar equipment is being employed, each separable physical device (for example, a blade or a rack-mounted device) that has the required components is considered itself a separate Physical Server. A Virtual Server is either a virtual computer created by partitioning the resources available to a Physical Server or an unpartitioned Physical Server. A Processor Core (commonly called a processor or CPU) is a functional unit within a computing device that interprets and executes instructions. A Processor Core consists of at least an instruction control unit and one or more arithmetic or logic unit. A Virtual Processor Core is a Processor Core in an unpartitioned Physical Server, or a virtual core assigned to a Virtual Server. Licensee must obtain entitlement for each Virtual Processor Core made available to the Program.

For each Physical Server, Licensee must have sufficient entitlements for the lesser of 1) the sum of all available Virtual Processor Cores on all Virtual Servers made available to the Program or 2) all available Processor Cores on the Physical Server.

Unless an exception is expressly set out in this License Information below, the Program must be licensed for a minimum of 2 Virtual Processor Cores for all physical and virtual servers on which the Program is installed. If the Program is used on a cluster of servers configured to work together using either database partitioning or pureScale clustering technology, then the minimum of 2 Virtual Processor Cores applies to the cluster of servers.

Source: IBM License Agreement DB2 Direct Advanced Edition 11.1 5725-Z99

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