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Db2 products lifecycle

39525146-db2-life-107x160Here you find the actual subversion to each main version. You see when the EOS (End-of-Support) of the respective main version is pronounced. Anytime a new DB2-Version is provided on IBM Fix-Central this table will be actualized immediately.

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Db2 bug research

Here you can search in the Db2 bug database for reported problems and their solutions.

Some contributions are marked by a lock symbol. To view these posts you must be logged in.

For a login or a registration as a new user, please go to the login field above right.

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Db2 Bug research - how to use

What offers the bug research of the CURSOR Distribution to you?
  • Problem description, affected products, processing status, solutions and workarounds are some of the things you can access with our bug research.
  • As the result of a full-text search with a simple formulation of search words you will receive a list of possible bug descriptions.
  • By selecting a single bug you will get to a clear summary of the recent information status to this bug.

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Fix Lists for IBM DB2 Server Versionen


11.1.1.* - DB2 Server Fix PackFixList Version 11.1.1.* - DB2 Server Fix Pack
10.5.0.* - DB2 Server Fix PackFixList Version 10.5.0.* - DB2 Server Fix Pack
10.1.0.* - DB2 Server Fix PackFixList Version 10.1.0.* - DB2 Server Fix Pack
9.8.0.* - DB2 Server Fix PackFixList Version 9.8.0.* - DB2 Server Fix Pack
9.7.0.* - DB2 Server Fix PackFixList Version 9.7.0.* - DB2 Server Fix Pack
9.5.0.* - DB2 Fix PackFixList Version 9.5.0.* - DB2 Fix Pack
9.1.0.* - DB2 Universal Fix PackFixList Version 9.1.0.* - DB2 Universal Fix Pack
8.1.0.* - FIXPAKFixList Version 8.1.0.* - FIXPAK
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